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Jensen Engineers highly recommends you specify at least a Level B foundation evaluation when purchasing a property or evaluating for possible repairs.  This type of report will include the following:



Observation of cracking, irregular brick lines, separations at doors, windows and frieze boards, large tree locations, drainage characteristics adjacent to the foundation perimeter. Check for evidence of prior repair.


Documentation of drywall cracking patterns across walls and ceilings, distressed tape, door misfits, separations at walls, corners and ceilings and a relative elevation survey.


Includes an Engineering opinion of any foundation or drainage issues, citing possible causes, if appropriate.  Determination of tree root drying issues, as appropriate.


Includes a plan of repair, showing pier locations and specifications, drainage system design as needed, tree removal or root barrier placement and any other relevant information.  This information will be in a format from which your contractor can offer a bid on necessary work.

A written report will be provided covering the above, including a relative elevation survey, a diagram of pier placement or other work and a foundation maintenance tip sheet.