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Drainage Evaluation Checklist

If you are uncertain about the condition of your foundation or other structural conditions, you may be able to perform a limited personal evaluation.  One or more of the conditions mentioned below may indicate you have a problem which deserves further consideration.

1. Check for masonry cracking along all perimeter walls, looking closely under windows for vertical or diagonal cracks.  Do you see any
repaired cracks?
2. Look along brick lines, noting any unevenness.
3. Check for separations between door or window frames and brickwork.  Are any separations filled with caulk or other material?
4. Check corners for separations of frieze boards.  Look closely for separations which have been filled with caulk and re-painted.
5. Examine the fireplace chimney, looking for cracking or separations from the adjoining wall.
6. Look for filled sections of broken-out concrete adjacent to perimeter walls at porch, patio or driveway.  These signs may indicate the
foundation has been previously repaired.
7. Sight along roof surfaces and fascia boards, looking for separations, sagging or other irregularities.
1. Look for cracking in sheetrock over doors and windows, in corners and across ceilings.  Do you see separations or sheared drywall tape in corners or at wall/ceiling intersections?  Any repairs in drywall surfaces may indicate previous distress.  Do you see irregularities where sheetrock may have been re-textured?
2. Can you find separations between cabinets and walls or between walls and floors? 
3. Check for door misalignments by looking for latching problems, self-opening/closing doors or doors which rub their frames and/or will not
close.  Look for cracked or poorly-fitting windows.
4. Do you sense any slopes or irregularities in floors?  Sight along ceilings for signs of unevenness. Check for cracking in tile work or across exposed concrete such as in garage.
5.  Look into the attic, checking for rafter separations at ridges.

Any of the above conditions may indicate you have a structural concern.  We at Jensen Engineers are fully qualified to further evaluate these conditions and recommend a site-specific course of action.