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Foundation Evaluation Checklist

If you are concerned about drainage conditions at your property, you may be able to perform a limited personal evaluation.  One or more of the conditions mentioned below may indicate you have a problem which deserves further evaluation. 

To begin this process, examine your property to ensure soils are sloping away from the foundation at all building perimeters.  During the next rainfall, grab an umbrella and walk outside to look more closely.  Also see Soil Moisture Maintenance Tips

1. Can you see ponding water near the building perimeter?  All water should flow away from the building and off the property?
2. Are there any obstructions to the free flow of water such as planter beds, edging, concrete flatwork or irregular grading?
3. Do downspouts extend away from rather than discharge directly adjacent to the building, causing ponding? Look for leaking or overtopping gutters.  If downspouts are tied into underground lines, look for signs of water overflowing around tops of pipes.
4. Look for existing drains, noting if water flows into grates and disappears.  Check for water which cannot be dispersed rapidly from drain inlets.
5. Is water flowing onto the property from off-site sources?
6. Does water pond on your property for several hours or days?
7. At the interior, do you find wet spots on walls, at windows, in flooring along baseboards or at sunken floors?  
8. Do you see cupped or warped hardwood floors?
9. Check the crawlspace area, looking for wet soils or standing water. 
10. Are fungal odors present at the interior or within crawlspace?  Can you see mildew growing on walls, floors or ceilings?

Any of the above conditions may indicate you have drainage concerns.  We at Jensen Engineers are fully qualified to further evaluate these conditions and recommend a site-specific course of action.