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CASE STUDIES - Slab Upheaval

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Many homes suffer from upheaval conditions, raising the question of what to do about these developments.  Industry experts will typically propose solutions ranging from underpinning heaved slab sections to recommendations for doing nothing.  

With certain limitations, a heaved slab may be successfully lowered back into approximate, if not original position.  At Jensen Engineers we have developed procedures for this correcting this condition which are, with few exceptions, primarily limited by cost.

Initial excavation under foundation

Piers exposed/access under slab

Initial activities involve removal of improvements adjacent to the building perimeter and excavating soils, exposing underside of the perimeter beam.  Working inward, soils are excavated and removed, exposing pier locations where heaving has occurred.  At this property several inches of separation had occurred between pier tops and bottoms of beams.

Note separation between pier and beam

While the foundation lowered itself slowly back onto piers, temporary jacks and shims were used to control any rapid downward movement. At completion, floors were measured to be level and all doors came back into proper alignment with frames.