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When looking for someone to evaluate the condition of your foundation, we understand you have many options, ranging from repair contractors, builders, friends, general inspectors and, perhaps, family and friends.  Of these options, Jensen Engineers will be your best choice when selecting an engineer.

We at Jensen Engineers have extensive design experience as well as hands-on working experience in most building trades, including foundation repair, concrete placement, framing, drainage, soil characteristics, plumbing, electrical wiring, roofing, paint/drywall, and HVAC.  We find this background sets us apart from others in our approach to problem solving.  Accordingly, we can design cost-effective repair techniques by better understanding the varied methods used in construction and repair processes.  This allows us to specify a site-specific scope of work consistent with the client’s needs and budget.   

Our thorough inspection reports contain detailed, practical designs which will allow your contractor to implement repairs in a timely, cost-effective manner.  Often, we can save you more in contractor cost than monies expended on engineering fees.   

Our work products become the exclusive property of our clients and are unavailable to others without express authorization.  Serving the North Texas area, Jensen Engineers' commitment is to our clients as we will never compromise that relationship in favor of others.

When you call for an appointment, one of these well-qualified Engineers will personally perform the inspection.

    Robert W. Jensen, P.E.      Michael S. Jensen, P. E.
s Professional Engineer-Colorado School of Mines, 1967   s

BSCE Civil Engineer, Texas A&M University, 1988


Registered Professional Engineer – Texas No. 46742

  s Registered Professional Engineer – Texas No. 76104

Over 37 years experience in industrial, commercial and residential engineering activities including:    Large residential and commercial inspections, storage and drainage control facilities, design of soil stabilization and support measures and design of foundation repair measures.

  s Over 27 years experience in commercial and residential engineering and construction activities including site location studies utilizing subsurface geologic and geotechnical investigations, engineers and drafting management and design of foundation repair methods.

Structural design, residential structures (over 20,000 homes).

s Foundation design / evaluations of residences – Dallas/Ft. Worth (over 13,000 homes inspected)   s

Foundation design/evaluation of residences –  (over 6,000 homes inspected)


Project management for residential and commercial construction
Engineering, surveying, drafting and construction management.

  s Experienced tradesman in concrete, masonry, drywall, carpentry, roofing, plumbing and electrical.

Experienced tradesman in concrete, masonry, drywall, carpentry, roofing, plumbing and electrical.

Member of:
Charter Member of Foundation Repair Association, Inc.
Foundation Engineers Association of Texas 

  s Member of:
Foundation Repair Association, Inc.
SEAOT – Structural Engineers Association of Texas
ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers   
TSPE – Texas Society of Professional Engineers
Homebuilders Association of Texas